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About the Kimîîru language

Kimîîru, also known as Kimeru, Mero, Meru is a language of Kenya

It has more than 1,666,000 users in the Isiolo and Meru counties: northeast of Mount Kenya; Laikipia county: Ewaso Ngiro river north bank.

Dialects include; Meru (Beik), Igembe, Tigania, Imenti, Miutini, Igoji. Lexical similarity: 85% with dialects Imenti and Tigania, 67% with Chuka [cuh], 63% with Embu [ebu] and Gikuyu [kik], 57% with Kamba [kam].

‘Mero’ is not a correct spelling. Different from Meru [rwk] of Tanzania.

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Matthew 28:19-20

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